Support for Art Projects

iKatun support for these projects comes in various forms, including fiscal sponsorship, administrative support, software consulting & development, and financial support.

The Institute for Infinitely Small Things (2004 - present)
A performance research organization dedicated to inventing and distributing new ways to engage with the politics of everyday life. Artists: The Institute has between 15 - 25 members at any given point. Members include programmers, architects, artists, art historians, anthropologists, filmmakers and hula hoopers. [ see the Institute's site for more projects ]

A Thousand Tiny Sexes (2006 - present)
A publication art project and series of workshops by Jaimes Mayhew and kanarinka which seek to create a collective reimagining of sex as a biological, legal, political, economic and cultural category. The publication is seeking submissions of sexes (other than MALE or FEMALE) in the form of instructions, lists, performances, "found" sexes, and imaginary sexes.

Are We Ready Yet? (2007)
A networked performance jogging project by kanarinka. Over the course of eight weeks, kanarinka will run the entire emergency evacuation route system of the City of Boston. While jogging, kanarinka wears low-power FM transmitters strapped with duct tape to her body. The transmitters jam all of the major radio stations within a 100-foot radius with the sounds of her heavy, labored breathing. Presented by iKatun for the Boston Cyberarts Festival.

42 or 363 Definitions of Cartography (2005-6)
Experimental book on sale at and available for free download online.Published via Sal Randolph's Free Pressproject.

The Drift Relay (ISEA/San Jose, 2006)
A psychogeography project in collaboration with Glowlab for the ISEA/Zero One Festival 2006 in San Jose, CA. Supported in part by a grant from the RISD Professional Development Fund. Artists: Christina Ray, Lee Walton, Jessica Thompson, kanarinka, pirun, Morgan Schwartz, Sarah Pace, Brian House, D. Jean Hester.

/reimaginings/ (online, 2004)
A project commissioned by with the support of the LEF Foundation. Artists: kanarinka, pirun, Yoritaka Sakakura, and James Bailey. (Adams House, Harvard University, 2002)
A satirical look at dot-com propaganda. is a company dedicated to servicing the spiritual needs of the public through its revolutionary e-Prayer software application. Agents of appeared as sponsors of the exhibition "Iconoclast" at Adams House, Harvard University, March 2002. Artists: kanarinka, Eric D'Ignazio, pirun, Geoff LaPlace, David Raymond.

Paradise (Boston Center for the Arts, 2002)
An interactive installation that examined the politics of information via the creation of a space with "perfect" information. Presented in 2002 at the Leland Space, Boston Center for the Arts and Gallery M3, Boston, MA. Artists: kanarinka, pirun, Anna Shapiro, Yoritaka Sakakura, David Raymond, Andrew Anselmo, James Bailey, Adriana Rios, Tabitha Lens, Geoff Laplace, Ben Kennedy, Laird Griffing.


Exhibitions & Conferences

Conflux 2006: Festival of Psychogeography (September, 2006, in Brooklyn, NY)
International festival of contemporary psychogeography co-curated by Glowlab and iKatun. Conflux 2006 features projects from over 75 artists from across the US and countries including Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Australia.

Glowlab: Open Lab (Fall 2005, Art Interactive, Boston, MA)
20 participating artists exhibit contemporary psychogeography and urban performance. Curated by Christina Ray and organized with the support of iKatun.

info@blah: organization and overload (Spring 2003, Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts)
Part of the 2003 Boston Cyberarts Festival. 22 contemporary artists working in all mediums respond to information overload through the creation of rules, systems, maps and algorithms.

The Digital Pocket Gallery (Summer 2002)
Together with UK artist Jess Loseby, and Jeremy Turner of the 536 Gallery in Vancouver, CA, iKatun invited more than 50 artists to display what they found in their digital pockets. This project was part of Free Manifesta, a project for Manifesta 4, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, in Frankfurt, Germany.


Critical Writing

Art & Cartography (2008)
Entry for the Encyclopedia of Human Geography slated for publication by Elsevier Press in 2008.

Research Report on Infinitely Small Things (2006)
Artists Pages for Performance Research.

A Case for Boston as a Liquid And Not a Solid (2006)
Currently seeking publication. Article presented at the 2006 College Art Association (CAA) Conference for the panel "Interrogating Boston as a Site for Contemporary Art" organized by Dr. Cynthia Fowler and Dr. Dena Gilby. Other panelists included Bill Arning, Jerry Beck, Christina Lanzl, Judith Leeman and Jessica Marks.

Map-recipes and Body-Ovens: Entries for a Psychogeographic Dictionary (2006)
Article for Cartographic Perspectives (Journal of the North American Cartographic Information Society). Special Issue on Art and Mapping. Issue 53, Winter 2006. Edited by Denis Wood and John Krygier. Artists and projects discussed include: Alex Villar, Brian DeRosia, Bureau D’Etudes, Cheryl l’Hirondelle, Glowlab, iKatun, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Institute for Infinitely Small Things, John Osorio-Buck & Matthew Ward, Lee Walton, María Bogadóttir and Malene Rordam, Mobilivre-Bookmobile, Natalie Loveless, Nomads+Residents, Shih-Chieh Huang, Sifting the Inner Belt & spurse.

How to Make the Invisible Stay Invisible: Three Case Studies in Micropolitical Engineering (2005)
Published for the proceedings of the conference "The Sinues of the Present: Geneologies of Biopolitics" at the University of Montréal, May 2005. Artists discussed include Yoko Ono, Cesare Pietroiusti, Krzysztof Wodiczko, and The Institute for Applied Autonomy.

New Media is Mediumly Old (2004)
Article for Issue #3 of Big, Red & Shiny surveying new media artists & organizationsin Boston, MA, with

Interview with Giselle Beiguelman (2003)
Published on and nettime. December 8th, 2003. Giselle Beiguelman is a new media artist and multimedia essayist who teaches Digital Culture at the Graduation Program in Communication and Semiotics of PUC-SP (São Paulo, Brazil).


Workshops & Extended Visits

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA (Fall, 2006)
Workshop to find infinitely small things with architecture students.

Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Geography Dept. (Fall 2006)
Visiting Artist.

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA (Spring, 2006)
Workshop to find infinitely small things with architecture students.

Towson University Theater MFA Program, Baltimore, MD (Spring, 2006)
Workshop to find and perform corporate commands in Baltimore MD.

Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Geography Dept. (Spring 2006)
Visiting Artist.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Arts Administration Program. (Spring 2006).
Visiting Artist.

Univ. of California at Santa Cruz, The Visual Studies Research Cluster of the Humanities Research Institute. (Fall 2005)
Visiting Artist.

Charles River Creative Arts Program, Dover, MA (Summer 2004)
Workshop to find infinitely small things with kids 8 - 15.



Introduction to Psychogeography. July 19, 2006.
Brown University Literary Arts Program, Providence, MA. Holly Tavel, professor.

Introduction to Digital Media, Visiting Artist, April 13, 2006.
Smith College, Northampton, MA, Barbara Lattanzi, professor.

“Designing for the Totally Inconceivable”, panel presentation for the American Association of Geographers annual conference, March, 2006, Chicago, IL.

“A Case for Boston as a Liquid and not a Solid”. Panel presentation on site-specific art in Boston with Bill Arning, Jerry Beck, Christina Lanzl, Judith Leeman and Jessica Marks. Moderated by Cynthia Fowler and Dena Gilby. College Art Association annual conference. February, 2006, Boston, MA.

Introduction to Digital Media, Visiting Artist, November 17, 2005
Smith College, Northampton, MA, Barbara Lattanzi, professor

AfterMath Lecture Series, Visiting Artist, November 3, 2005
Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT, Cambridge, MA. Julia Scher, curator.

Integrating Text, Visiting Artist, November 1, 2005.
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA, Jane Marsching, professor.

Senior Seminar. Visiting Lecturer. February 15th, 2005.
Harvard University, Visual & Environmental Studies program. Lelia Amalfitano, professor.

Introduction to Media Production. Visiting Artist, December 6th, 2004.
Emerson College, Boston, MA. Robert Sabal, professor.

Art and the Internet. Visiting Artist, November 23rd, 2004.
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA. Nita Sturiale, professor.

Integrated Media Thesis Seminar. Visiting Artist. October 28th, 2004.
Ontario College of Art and Design. Toronto, Canada. Johanna Householder, professor.

"Mapping Practices: projects" National American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS), Annual conference, October 2004. Portland, ME.

Aesthetics and Critical Studies of New Media. Visiting Lecturer, February 27, 2004.
UMass Lowell. Lou Susi, professor.

" Problems and Promise" -  Panel discussion on  -  May 8, 2003 - Christiane Paul (Whitney Museum), Helen Thorington (, Martin Wattenberg (net artist), Anna Shapiro (mixed media artist) and Kanarinka of iKatun.  Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA

"Artists as Systems Engineers"  - April 27, 2003 - info@blah gallery talk with curators and artists, Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA

"Paradise and Information in the 21st Century" - October 1, 2002 - Somerville Cable Access Television appearance with collective members on an episode of "Dead Air Live" dedicated to iKatun's Paradise

"Art & Technology" - A Televised Panel Discussion - July 31, 2002 - presented by the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston and the Boston CyberArts Festival



ATBoston (Art Technology Boston), Founding Member
ATBoston is a consortium of the small nonprofit arts organizations supporting new media in the greater Boston area.

Research Partnership Program
Support and host the online research of local artists such as Jaimes Mayhew.

Open source software consulting & development
For individual artists and community organizations including: